How to treat HATERS???  Simply ignore them, why? because they are the people who knows nothing but to put other people down, and you know why you need to ignore them? because they are not worth your time.. Haters are the people who let insecurities consume them, those people who sees the dirt of others rather than their own shits. People like them will often wear the sweetest smile, give you the warmest embrace, or the loving comforting care and yet backstabbing you. They are the people who talk nicely when you’re in front of them and bashed you out at your back. People like them become jealous over little success you might have, oftentimes they would celebrate seeing you falling just let them be. As long as your mind and heart collides that you did nothing wrong just continue moving on because people who talk behind your back know exactly where they belong just behind our backs.

Haters would even hate you more the more you ignore them, so Go on and Move on because those haters will remain where they at while you keep forward they’re left moving backwards they won’t see their lives falling and crumbling because they were too busy minding other’s business. As you move forward, there they are munching all the intrigues they have for you, as you Go on and Conquer Success they will still be at your back so waved your hands and bid them goodbye because in reality Haters dont simply succeed because all they see are their insecurities and egos..

So long haters, doubters and enemies I got a life of my own, be patient i have a lot of things in store for you to be mad at….


When all else fails

How could someone stay positive when everything else fails? How will someone question life per se? Will it be unfair or bad to ask why in the world I am suffering? How and when will this suffering ends? Will this really be life’s unending journey?
Just recently, I had big changes in my life,failed relationship, getting over it and while I am busy staying to see every positivity with that, a news was bombed to me that my brother’s kidney were all malfunctioning and in a serious condition, our family were all hurting and shocked.i tried not to question why were all this things are happening to our family? And yet I feel the pain, I still would want to be positive that those advices I gave to other people “it doesnt rain forever, after the rain there’s always the sun that will shine and the rainbow comes after” and yet I am here summoning God why this pain,why it has to be stormed in my way.
Yet I know as I talked to myself I see the reason why,that maybe I was all preoccupied of a lot of things,that maybe God speaks to me to find Him and rest myself in Him,cry unto Him and believe that when all else fails He does not.
Yet this I know, and pray to teach me to trust in the Lord with all of my heart and not lean on my own understanding. Because truly I may doubt and question what seems to be unbearable to me now,the tunnel I am into will seems to be so dim and dark but I know no matter how long or short this tunnel may be at the end of it a light will surely shine upon me.
I may not understand the reason of this sufferings but I know sooner or later the reason will later be revealed and that I know I will be thankful for, life’s lessons are learned the hard way and I believe that this shaping and molding up im traversing will make me a better person.
So when all else fails, believe in the Lord and he will provide you the comfort and the care we all need because as a Loving Father he will be there:-)

Sting of the Past

It pains me as i hear our song “i will be here ” i couldnt able to stop the tears from shedding, it’s just so hurting,how things changed. How you and i were driven apart by things and circumstances. It’s breaking me,and is hurting me so bad, how i wont be able to keep the promise that i will be here,that we will be together. Things do changed and no matter how much love i have sometimes love is not just enough to make it stay. Things might seem easy for me but God knows how i am suffering, how hard it is for me to take each day knowing that we have let go.
I guess its just true that not every love story comes to a happy ending because sometimes a story comes only as once upon a time.

On a Diet

I’ve been under quite some stress on how i’ll shred off this fats, I took up diet diuretic pills and boy, it made me running back and forth in the comfort room:-S I tried doing the exercises and the gym but it made my body sore like hell,and decided not to go back again.Now I took up the diet juice, and still waiting for the effects though. I just want something new, some says im not fat but its how i see myself in the mirror, and it makes me nuts.
Maybe because for the past months i was under this stressful desperate moment that made me hibernate myself and sulked myself into chocolates,alcohol and everything and i know for a fact that i did gained weight, and now i just have to pay the price.:-D
But at the end of the day who cares if im fat or not, after all its how i carry myself and be proud of me, whether im this fat chubby lady in town or skinny anoxeric girl in town, i dont care and i will stop this gaga over this diets, i am voluptuous, confident lady ready to conquer the world ahead of me.B-)


i used to be a silent supporter of the RH bill,since high school ive been reading a lot of books regarding population control on other countries,and ive seen how great this happen to other countries.. I never been loud on supporting RH bill since this day that i got to watch the live coverage of the KAMARA debate, how can we really win a debate when GOD and church DOGMA will be thrown back to us… it isnt about a CHURCH issue to dealt with but this is a matter of LIFE… some congressmen should be reminded of the philippine constitution article 2 section 6 that the church and the state should  be separetely inviolable, again we all need to stood by this principle now.

how can we fight and defend the good thing of ths bill when we will be ex communicated?will this be fair?when GOD commanded GO FORTH & MULTIPLY, people arent that many,life isnt as hard as we are now today, will it be immoral to folllow and obey this bill or will it be moral to the church to see a family in brood of 15 persons, having no food on the table to eat, kids and teenagers not into school, poverty at hand? 

using conraceptive pills arent killing life,there is no life per se when we are using it, we are preventing it on the grounds of safety,planning,and for a better future we all wanted to give to our kids,having this RH BILL will educate a lot of our people, as ealy as elementary they will know the life,the family, the reality.. we arent living in the old ages,open up your eyes and see whats the reality 10 years old girl being pregnant by an 11 year old boy,we opt to see the reality, it may hurt and sting us but this is the tuth that we cant hide about..

if we will have this rh bill they will be prepared and can see whats in store for them, rh bill isnt a tool to dump them into the pool of sin but on a part they are being explained and welcomed to things that is around the environment they all are up to,

Rh bill, is for the safety of the women, i used to see a lady having a hepa B, a TB and giving birth to her 14th child, when asked why still giving birth she said ” eto po kasi ang gusto ng asawa ko,eto lang po libangan naming mahihirap” the doctor told her she might die and that the child wont even be safe, in every birth that a woman gave in,her reproductive organs are stressed and needs sometime to heal itself, but how can we have that time if we will then be get pregnant again, if the church really is for life then they too should consider the lives of the women, dealing and facing the hardships of giving birth..

rep. lagman is good when he told that he is a congressmen who happens to be a catholic and not a catholic congressmen who will make church dogma a public policy.



Recently my sisters are having their joys and pains in their lives, and i’m just around for them. Sister Ivy will be taking a new plight of her own in the US on her master’s degree in interior design. A new and stronger leap she has to take for her to attain success in life. I am kinda happy and sad on this ew step she has to make, sad because just recently we were given the chance to go out and just be ourselves,we cried together, laugh together and indeed it was the best moment of ours,unfortunately just as we are getting closer she’s about to leave for US, and yes i am happy because i know God sets another new thing for her that this is her road to success. 

My little sister Pia then had moved in Singapore to be with her hubby, for some months we weren’t able to talk  due to some misunderstanding but because we are sisters i just couldn’t really ignore her. She called me up one day and things had been bygones for us. Much as to my happiness when she delivered the news to me that she was 3 weeks pregnant, i knew and felt how happy she is giving the news to me, even asking tips and advices from me which of course i was happy to tell her. A week passed and suddenly she called up to me and told me what went thru with her checkup, and it broke my heart hearing the news that the baby is set to miscarriage and there’s only 30 % of chance for it to survive. I was stunned and uttered a prayer to save the baby and my sister for the misery, but as I wrote this one, my dear Pia is suffering the labor pains and having her miscarriage. I can feel her pain over the phone call, i can feel how hurting it is to her, much as i wanted to be there to just listen to her cries i just couldnt. All i say that maybe God has a better plan for them and that she needs to be strong and just trust in the Lord.

My sisters i knew they see me as a sister who care less but deep inside me i care much for them, I always pray that they may be of good hands and care. I know people will come and go in my life but i know my family will be there no matter what. To my sisters, kow that i will always be here for you guys, and whatever storms you came to struggle upon remember that the sun will eventually shine because it will not rain forever. And after that rain we will be able to see the beauty of the rainbow. So just go on and move to where destiny will lead us. I love you my sisters 🙂 

A news from Nikki

Today i got the happiest news because i was way too proud to see my daughter now having her own wings in the field of writing. I never expect it that at aged 9 she’ll be part of their broadcasting/journalism club, i never expected it because as far as i can remember before it was so hard to ask her to read books or dictionary. Now here she is taking her own plight and wandering her field, even wanting to try photo journalism on her own. It was indeed a happy moment for a mother that now we are one in this passion and interest. I am looking forward to read her first article, her first blog post, her first work because in the heart of a mother like me it will soothe my heart and relive my good old days. I am excited to see her achieve in this field, i am eager to coach her on what to do and i was so proud to even see the spark of happiness and pride in her eyes i know with this achievement she will gather up all the confidence in her heart so that this will give her courage to strive harder. 

Like a butterfly, my daughter now is in her moth stage but slowly taking to  become a new butterfly ready to spread her wings soon.Im so proud of you my princess…